Spruce Up Austin has been helping citizens plant honorary trees on public property since 1995. Honorary trees can be planted for many reasons, memory of a loved one, birth of a child, special anniversary, or recognition of service. SUA will help coordinate the planting of an honorary tree from selection of tree to location. All honorary trees planted through Spruce Up Austin will be listed on our honorary tree registry. Visit our website at www.spruceupaustin.org to request an honorary tree planting.


Maureen Momsen, Grace Smoke Tree/Tree Trek #67


Mike Ruzek, Yellow Wood  Tree Trek/East Side Lake

Girl Scout Troop #47855, Buffy @ Mower County Fairgrounds

Girl Scout Troop #47854,   Willow Tree/Community Bandshell Park

Janson & Carley Baldus, Willow Tree/Community Bandshell Park


Al Cunningham, Autumn Blaze Maple/East Side Lake

Hope Jahren, Swamp White Oak/Austin Public Library

Alex D. Tapp, Northern Catalpa/Hot Wings Maple/Todd Park

Ann Pickering, Autumn Blaze Maple/J.C. Hormel Nature Center

Father Donald Zenk, Northern Pin Oak/Lions Bike Shelter

The Hormel Foundation 75th Anniversary, Tulip Tree/East Side Lake-Tree Trek

Ory Ann Helene Champlin, Northern Pin Oak/J.C. Hormel Nature Center


“Skip” Hastings, Royal Red Maple/Court House Lawn

Bob Boomgard, Variegated Maple/Lions Bike Shelter

Bob Johnson, Royal Red Maple/Lions Bike Shelter

Rotaract Club, Ginkgo Biloba/Rotary Park

Gretchen Wangen, Baby Blue Eyes Spruce/Honor Guard Park

Roger Walsh, Austrian Pine/East Side Lake

Betty Walsh, Austrian Pine/ East Side Lake

Ethan Kimmel, Autumn Blaze Maple/Rotary Park


Genevieve & Willard Wagner, Emerald Luster Maple/East Side Lake

Gary Corcoran, Emerald Luster Maple/Mill Pond

Arlis Clennon, Autumn Blaze Maple, Swamp White Oak/Mill Pond

Clarence Nybo, Golden Raindrops Flowering Crab, Mower County Court House

Ron Seath, Northern Catalpa/Lions Park

Patricia & Robert Poshusta, Hackberry (2)/Wildwood Park


Jim Hormel, Royal Prince Oak/Hormel Institute

James & Leona Lunde, Autumn Blaze Maple/Mill Pond

Austin Area Chamber Ambassadors, Blackhills Spruce/Bandshell Park

Bill and Sara Hines, Weeping Willow (2)/Bandshell Park

Viola Carlson, Autumn Blaze Maple/Sterling Park


Mike Ruzek, Cherry/Austin High School

Peter Lommen, Spruce/Morning Lions Park

Leontine & Faber McNalley, Cherry/Galloway

Eugene Anderson, Red Bud/Bandshell

Everett Hanson, Red Bud/Orchard Creek

Tyler Brady, Autumn Blaze Maple/Packer Arena

Zara Svobody, River Birch/Honor Guard

Katheryn Andressen, Autumn Blaze Maple/JC Hormel Nature Center 

Archie Baley, Red Maple/Lafayette East

Fred Creighton, Japanese Lilac/Rotary

Sara & Warren Osboe-Palensky, Catalpa/Bandshell


Bob Block, Maple/East Side Lake

Viola Besse, Crab/South Main Trail

Levi Kimmel, Crab/South Main Trail

Viola Rietz Fowler, Crab/South Main Trail

Jim Foster, Linden/South Grove Park

Deanna Tischer, Linden/East Side Lake

Peter Peck, Spruce/Todd Park

Paula Smith,  Maple/Mill Pond

Paula Smith, Maple & 2 Oak – Rotary Park

Harold Mattfeld, Catalpa/Morning Lions Park


Oliver and Naida Cockrum, Spruce Tree/Neveln Elementary School

Ray and Dorothy Espe,  Maple Tree/ J.C. Hormel Nature Center

Allen J. Frank, Sugar Maple/ J.C. Hormel Nature Center

Ann Linnea, Royal Red Maple/Austin Public Library

Dave Tollefson, Ginko/Plaza on First


Mary Nepp, Autumn Blaze Maple/South Main Bridge

Rick Benzkofer, Oak Tree/Mill Pond

Betty Wescott, Autumn Blaze Maple/Wescott Field

Bradley Baker, Spruce /Kaufman Park

Tyler Ross Kimmel, Rubrum Maple/South Main Bridge

Vivienne Rietz Fowler, Rubrum Maple/South Main Bridge


I.J. Holton, Blaze Maple/Austin Public Library

Denny Maschka, Oak Tree/Rotary Park

Harold B & Lydia E Lien, Two Spruce Trees/East Side Lake Pavillion


Dan Bissen Memorial Bash, Birch Tree/East Side Lake

Dan Ullwelling, Two Honeycrisp Trees/J.C. Hormel Nature Center

Oren Parr, Autumn Blaze Maple/Mill Pond

Lowell and Sara, River Birch/Mill Pond

Bridget Pickavance, Sugar Maple/Sugar Shack at J.C. Hormel Nature Center


Clarence Arthur Besse, Spruce Tree/Veterans Pavilion Park

Russell & Helen Godfredson, Autumn Purple Ash/Bandshell Community Park

Lowell Ray Baker, Northfire Maple/Kaufman Park

Elbert P. Maus, Autumn Blaze Maple/Mill Pond

Ed Wangen, Spruce Tree/Honor Guards Park

James and Leona Lunde, Autumn Blaze Maple/Mill Pond

Cyrilla Rockers, Autumn Blaze Maple/Mill Pond

Mike Weins, Autumn Blaze Maple/Shirley Theel Park

Mayor Bonnie Besse Rietz, Autumn Purple Ash/ Veterans Pavilion Park

Hormel Foundation and Blandin Foundation, Two Fat Albert Spruce, at Municipal Pool

John Norton, Northfire Maple, near Morning Lions Park

Hermann Schlenk, Ginko, Mill Pond

City of Austin Sesquicentennial, Northern Pin Oak/Mill Pond


Barb Ruzek, Autumn Blaze Maple/Mill Pond

Stella Ruzek, Autumn Blaze Maple/Mill Pond

Krista Ruzek Guthrie, Autumn Blaze Maple/Mill Pond

Christian Guthrie, Purple Ash/Mill Pond

Anthony Ruzek, Purple Ash/Mill Pond

Christine Ruzek, Purple Ash/Mill Pond

Dave Crandall, Norway Maple/Mill Pond

Jerry Butcher, Autumn Blaze Maple/Mill Pond

Ira “O.B.” Snyder, Spruce/Mill Pond

John Sperry, Celebration Maple/Mill Pond

Mike & Jan O’Connor, White Spire Birch/Mill Pond

Accentra Credit Union, Purple Ash/Mill Pond

Jerry Fox, Fat Albert Spruce, Shirley Theel Memorial Park

Charles Irving Cline, Autumn Blaze Maple (2), Bustad Park

James & Mildred Wencl, Red Maple, Municipal Swimming Pool

Cancer Victims & Survivors, Little Leaf Linden, Mill Pond

Lavona M. Johnson, Varigated Maple, Grace Lutheran Church Blvd


Jo Knobel-Autumn Blaze Maple/Eastside Lake

Florence Vogel, Variegated Maple/Community Park

Cole Baumann, Autumn Blaze Maple/Mill Pond

Orville Wangen, Red Barren Crab  /Honor Guards Park

Bryan Baker,               Black Hills Spruce/Kaufman Park

Jan Schulz, Autumn Blaze Maple/   Hormel Drive

Donald Goslee, Red Oak/Mill Pond

Helen Rietz, River Birch/Community Park


Fred Creighton – Colorado Blue Spruce/Municipal Pool

Pat McGarvey-Maple/Community Park

Jerry Adwell-Royal Red Maple/Community Park

George Knutson-Ironwood/Community Park

Dan Weis-White Ash/Community Park



Anne Blowers – Norway Maple/Mill Pond

Jim Mogen – Greenspire Linden/Community Park

Dora Tollefson-Maple/Community Park

Austin Daily Herald-Maple/Community Park

Lutheran Brotherhood Cedar River Branch-Maple/Community Park

Gordon and Doris Kinney-Oak/Community Park



Dave Quinlan – Hackberry/Community Park

Jakob Detwiller – Snow Crab/ Community Park

Millie Kane – Redbud/Hormel Historic Home

AHS Wrestlers  –  Maple/Mill Pond

Sept. 11 Victims – Maple/Community Park

Pete Kline – 32 Maple/Todd Park



The Twentieth Century– Millennium Maple/Mill Pond

Children Lost in the Okalahoma City Bombing – Oak/Mill Pond



Erin Ransom – Flowering Crab/Community Park



Reverend Russell Dierdorff – Maple/Mill Pond

Mel Schleuder – 2 Red Crab/Bandshell Park

Teddy Dornbrock – Maple/Mill Pond

Children’s Choir from Germany – 2 Maple/Mill Pond



Carl Ruzek – Maple/Mill Pond

John Hogan – Maple/Mill Pond

Mayor O’Rourke – Spruce/Mill Pond



Jay Hormel – 2 Koster Blue Spruce/Hormel Nature Center/Hormel Historic Home

Mike Ruzek – Black Hills Spruce/Mill Pond

Veterans – Landscape/Honor Guards Park

Stan Ankeny – Landscape/ Skinners Hill

Hormel Employees Credit Union/River Birch/Mill Pond